Chicago Air Conditioning Repair

Chicago air conditioning repair

Finding a Chicago air conditioning repair specialist in Chicago is a daunting task with all the HVAC contractors available. Around the Town Heating & Cooling will meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to heating or air conditioning repair. Summer is coming so maintenance is key insuring your  air conditioning system is up to speed and working properly.

We are now offering a central air conditioning special with an A/C 19 point inspection for $89.95. The 19 point inspection will include: Clean outdoor coil, tighten all wire connections for safety, clean blower housing and remove all debris, check wet and dry bulb temperatures in the home, check subcooling, check suction pressure, check temperature drop across coil, lubricate all moving parts, perform operating cost analysis, check relays and or contactors for pitted contact points, check amp draw on motors, clean or replace furnace filter, check refrigerant charge, adjust fan belt (if needed), check superheat, check head pressure, check for airflow restrictions and inspect duct work for proper CFM.  The importance of the 19 point inspection after completed properly ensures that your air conditioning system is functioning properly at the time of service and you should get the most energy efficiency from your unit. Cleaning of Chicago air conditioning systems are very imperative due to the amount of construction debris that is floating around and the amount of jet fuel that is being dumped into atmosphere not to mention other Chicago pollution causing a negative effect on Go Green. Read more ›

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Is you A.C. working?

Unexpected heatwave hitting Chicago Today!

Call or Contact us today to Schedule and Appointment to have your Air Conditioning System Cleaned and Inspected.

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Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement in Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Chicago 60622

air conditioning maintenance

Chris is performing a deep cleaning on this Trane unit, which had a few leaks internal. but we cleaned and repaired the a/c, all is good.

Around the Town HVAC Air Conditioning & HVAC System Repair & Replacement Services in Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Chicago

If you need your air conditioning system or HVAC system repaired or replaced, you should choose experienced professionals who will do the job right the first time. Air conditioning and HVAC system problems are among the biggest frustrations for home or condo owners, but thanks to our high-quality air conditioning & HVAC system repair & replacement services, you will not need to worry about spending another summer in the humid Chicago weather.

If you live in the Ukrainian Village or Wicker Park (60622) areas of Chicago and need servicing for your air conditioning or HVAC system, Around the Town HVAC is the only company you need to call. We will repair or replace your air conditioning or HVAC system, quickly, professionally, and we will leave your home clean and undisturbed.

We also have installation services for new central heating and furnace systems.

We at Around the Town HVAC will be happy to speak to you about your air conditioning needs and explain everything you want to know about our services, just call us or contact us online. We offer a free estimate for new installations. We service the Ukrainian Village and Wicker Park areas of Chicago and can be at your home or condo when most convenient for you.

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Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement in Goose Island, Chicago 60642

Hammond, Indiana, 46323, 46327, 46320, 46324, 46325, AC RepairAir Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement in the Goose Island neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois

Home and business owners in Goose Island, Chicago, who are in search of the best in air conditioning HVAC system repair & replacement have learned over time to respect and trust the Around The Town HVAC team of professionals. We offer an array of important Goose Island air conditioning repair services. From multi-unit condo buildings to single-family homes, Around The Town HVAC delivers on its promises. Furnace installation and new central heating system installations are always just a call or click away with this reliable and dependable Goose Island AC repair company. Staying cool during the hottest times of the year requires that an HVAC system performing at its best at all times. Around The Town HVAC is dedicated to delivering air conditioning repair in Goose Island, Chicago, that is impressive. The company has a proven track record among both existing and former customers. Call or contact online your Goose Island air conditioning repair team today for a free estimate on new HVAC unit installations only.

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Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement in Logan Square, Chicago, 60647, Illinois

Schereville, Indiana, 46375, AC RepairAround the Town HVAC: The Go-To Company When in Need of Dependable, On-Time, and Pocket-Friendly Air Conditioning & HVAC System Repair & Replacement in Logan Square, Chicago, 60647, Illinois

Ensuring that your central HVAC system is running at optimum parameters can help you protect your investment, extend the life of your system, and maximize energy efficiency, while enjoying the best quality of indoor air, optimum levels of comfort, and healthy living or working conditions.

If the central HVAC system in your Logan Square, Chicago, 60647, home or business has broken down, is frozen up, or is not functioning as effectively as it used to, you are unnecessarily confronted with high energy burdens, while risking the health and comfort of your family or employees and customers. The only solution that combines convenience, cost-effectiveness, reliability, energy savings, and peace of mind is securing the professional and dependable HVAC repair and replacement services offered by Chicago’s premier, most trusted, and reputable HVAC company.

AE_416LTWith an impressive professional experience of more than 28 years and an unrivaled excellence in the industry, our highly trained, licensed, fully insured, and bonded HVAC experts stand behind their workmanship with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, making Around The Town HVAC your #1 HVAC company to call whenever you are in need of professional, dependable, on-time, and budget-friendly residential or commercial air conditioning HVAC system repair & replacement in Logan Square, Chicago, 60647, Illinois.

At Around the Town HVAC, we value our business and hard-built reputation and decidedly understand that both your time and money are valuable, while the health, safety, and comfort of your home and business are priceless. This is why all our esteemed, health-conscious, and budget-minded Logan Square, Chicago, 60647, home and business owners can rest assured that their investment, time, and money will not be taken for granted.

Our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and expertise, exceptional customer service, unmatched promptness, the most competitive rates in the Logan Square area, and the use of state-of-the-art equipment recommends us as your go-to company for any and all your HVAC repair and replacement needs. We are wholeheartedly here for you and would be honored to help you restore the comfort and safety of your Logan Square, Chicago, 60647, home or high rise building.

Call us today at 312-243-9896 to get your free, no-obligation estimate on new installations only!

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Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement in Lake View, Chicago, 60657, Illinois

S-AE-4SHP16Our Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement Services in Lake View, Chicago

If you live in Lake View, Chicago, you know how cold and hard the winters can be and how hot and humid our summers are. With spring just around the corner and summer looming on the horizon, it’s best to be prepared. Do you have an air conditioning system installed in your home or condo? Does it need to be replaced or repaired, but you still haven’t had the time to get it fixed or replaced? If that’s your case, at Around The Town HVAC, we have exactly what you need!

We offer professional, quick, and affordable air conditioning HVAC system repair & replacement services. Whether you need a new system, or you need your current system repaired, we can help you. We service the Lake View (60657) area in Chicago, and can be at your home or condo in no time. If you’re all set for the summer but need to plan ahead for winter, we also can install a new central heating and furnace system, which is one of the most powerful and safe ways to heat your home.

If you are in the Lake View area of Chicago do not hesitate to call us or contact us through our website. We offer a free estimate for new installations. Do not spend another summer enduring the sweltering heat, call us at Around the Town HVAC and let us make your home cool and comfortable.

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Angry Birds Stuck in Chimney (Video)

Angry Birds (not the kind from the popular video game) Stuck in Chimney in the Hyde Park neighborhood 55th and Ellis. On 3-9-2015 we were summoned to a home for a leaky humidifier and a leaking hot water tank. As Our HVAC service technician walked into the basement, Ed heard the furnace cycling on and off every few seconds. Ed then told the owner that you have bigger issues then the humidifier and hot water tank. As it turned out there were birds stuck in the furnace flue passages and inducer motor as well as in the basement itself.

The birds had penetrated the basement through the chimney that had no chimney cap, apparently at one time there was a chimney cap but it must of blew off or rusted away. So Ed shewed away 2 of the birds by opening basement door, the two birds in the furnace passages were dying from carbon monoxide inhalation. But one bird escaped the flue pipe when removed and was hiding frightened under stairs (see video). Ed was able to safely shew the last bird living out of the basement.
Read more ›

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Avondale, Chicago Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement

Service ManFor all your Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement in Avondale, North Center, Chicago, 60618, contact the friendly professionals at Around The Town HVAC. If the air conditioner in your home or multi-condo building is leaking, making odd noises, or having problems cooling, be assured that we can fix your problem. Our Air Conditioning System Repair technicians are available 24/7 to diagnose your AC to determine the problem and provide a comprehensive cost estimate for the repairs before the work begins. Our technicians are experienced in different types of air conditioners.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction as well as honest and quality AC system repair services has enabled us to stand out and serve the residents of Avondale, North Center, Chicago, 60618 and other Chicago neighborhoods for years. All our AC & HVAC System Repairs and parts are guaranteed to last for several years. Around The Town HVAC is also offering a New Central Heating and Furnace System installation service. For a fast and reliable service, Call or Contact us online for a Free Estimate on New Installations only.

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Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement In Near North Side, Chicago 60610

2014 Comed Rebates

The best quality air conditioning repair can have a big impact on the comfort levels in any home or business. Air conditioning system repair for homeowners and building owners that is reliable, dependable, and affordable is offered by Around The Town HVAC. The company has an established reputation and has earned the respect of the community over the years. From new central heating installation to furnace system installation services, Around The Town HVAC is a Near North Side Chicago HVAC contractor that simply gets it right. Those in search of experienced and professional AC system repair, installation, and maintenance trust the Around The Town HVAC name. New AC installations can be complicated and that is why working with a pro is always the best option. For the most dedicated air conditioning HVAC system repair & replacement on Chicago’s Near North Side, call or contact Around The Town HVAC online today for a completely free estimate. Keeping cool has never been easier with the best in Near North Side air conditioning repair.

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HVAC Chicago Fact Or Fiction

HVAC Chicago Fact or Fiction, it has been said by many that warranties are important to them. I agree; HVAC warranties (or any warranties) can be worth their weight in gold, that is if you can get your HVAC contractor to make good on the warranty.


Let me explain the scenario for you, its 20 below zero, your furnace is 1 years old, the furnace starts to act up so you call your HVAC contractor that installed it. Do they run right over? I highly doubt it, (WE DO, Our existing customers come first over new money; we believe and have been told not too many HVAC contractors offer that).
Back to the scenario, so your contractor states they can get to your place in 6 hours or longer maybe even a day or two out. Now they don’t say’ no we can’t come’ but they put you off (new money first) for some time. Now as a home owner you are getting cold and you want someone to fix your furnace, remember it’s under warranty with your installation contractor.HVAC Chicago

You find a HVAC contractor that can come out much earlier but not knowing when, you tell them your furnace is still under warranty, remember its 20 below zero, all of a sudden the new HVAC contractor says 6 or 8 hours at the minimum. You see a pattern immerging here? Now you agree to the new HVAC contractor, they come out and get your heat working. Let me ask you this’ is your warranty with the installing contractor void? With most HVAC contractors it is. Why is this you may ask? Well on their original contract it states that warranty work will be void if another HVAC contractor works on the HVAC equipment they installed. Catch 22, you freeze or you sweat to death, but what can you do. But this is the hard cold facts.
The HVAC manufactures for residential furnace and air conditioners offers a five year out of the box warranty on parts. However if you register your furnace or air conditioning system online with the particular manufacture within 60 days you get an additional 5 years. I’m curious why the furnace and air conditioner manufactures just don’t give you the ten year parts warranty out of the box? Read more ›

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