Your Annual Furnace Inspection & Maintenance Check

Your Annual Furnace Inspection Chicago

At Around the Town HVAC, We begin the inspection of your gas furnace with a check of the general condition of the furnace and surrounding  area. Some application and install factors which frequently cause problems include the lack of satisfactory combustion air, improperly sized vents, poorly or non-functioning air filters, and electrical shorts due to a water leak in the evaporator coils or humidifier.

Prior to beginning a lengthy troubleshooting process, we check for the obvious. We will note any blown fuses or breakers, loose wires or connections, burned components, or open safty switches and circuits. We check the manufacturer’s instructions, observe the sequence of operation and confirm correct wiring.

The following are basic checks that are implemented during a service call:

  1. Visually check all electrical components for loose wiring or defective (cracked) wires.
  2. Make sure electrical power is available at the furnace by checking the circuit breaker position.
  3. Check the disconnect switch at the furnace to be sure it is on correct position.
  4. Make sure the blower door is secure. It depresses the interlock switch that permits the furnace to operate.
  5. If standing-pilot ignition is used, check for a burning pilot light.
  6. Check the condition of the air filter.
  7. Check the condition and adjustment of the fan belt (if a belt-driven motor is uesd).
  8. Check for any accumulation of dust/dirt on the blower motor and blower cage.
  9. Start furnace operation by placing the thermostat in a heat-demand setting.
  10. Observe  burner start-up and operation.
  11. Observe fan motor start-up.
  12. Allow the furnace operating (burning) cycle to run ten minutes. Then, check for airflow through room registers.
  13. Turn the thermostat to a lower setting to shut off burner operation.
  14. Check that the burner flames are off and pilot  light remains on (if a standing-pilot system is used).
  15. Listen carefully  to determine if blower shuts off shortly after burner flames are extinguished.
  16. Check exhaust for carbon monoxide level.

When servicing any type or make of heating equipment, We always refer to manufacturer’s manuals for that equipment.

If your furnace has self-test and fault code LED functions, use them. These diagnostic features can save the technician time and guesswork.

If you live in Chicago or the Surrounding Suburbs, Call Around the Town HVAC and Schedule Your Annual furnace Inspection Appointment Today!

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Annual Chicago Furnace Maintenance, Cleaning, & Inspection


Chicago Annual Furnace Maintenance, Cleaning, & Inspection

Annual maintenance of a gas furnace is important to the furnace’s performance and your comfort and safety. The following items will be checked by your technician during your annual inspection of a gas furnace. During the inspection, power to the unit must be shut off for the safety of the technician.

  1. Fresh air grilles and louvers must be open and unobstructed to provide  combustion air.
  2. Burners should be inspected for rust, dirt and signs of water.
  3. The vent pipe must be inspected for rust or sagging, dirt, signs of water, and damage or disconnected joints.
  4. The unit should be inspected for dirt, signs of water, and burned or damaged wires or components.
  5. The blower access door should be in place and provide a seal between  the return air and the room  in which the furnace is installed.
  6. The return  air duct must be properly attached and provide an air seal to the unit.
  7. With the system running the operating performance of the unit and vent system should be checked.
  8. Flue products mush be analyzed  and compared to the unit’s specifications.

Upon completion of the annual furnace inspection, you should shut off the unit if any of the following is noted.

  1. New or unfamiliar sounds while the unit is operating.
  2. Unusual odors.
  3. Unusual amount of moisture in the heated space.
  4. visibly burned components or unusual dirt or rust accumulation in the vent pipe or unit.
  5. Flu-like symptoms that subside when the home’s inhabitants are away from the house (indicating exposure to carbon monoxide).

Call 312-243-9896 or Contact Around the Town Today to have your Annual Furnace Inspection Done by the Pros.

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South Loop Energy Conservation & Furnace Maintenance Tips

South Loop HVAC

 South Loop 60605, 60616

5 Energy Conservation Tips

When reviewing the calculations for determining heat loads, certain steps should be followed to significantly improve energy savings.

  1. Use increased insulation everywhere possible, specifically between roof and ceiling surfaces.
  2. Use the latest design temperatures when calculating the required HVAC system capacity.
  3. Use proper inside design temperatures that are at the low end of a persons comfort level in winter, and at the high end in summer.
  4. Eliminate unnecessary heat leakage with good seals around doors and windows.
  5. Use the most efficient construction materials, such as shaded glass, Thermopaines, and  metal foam-insulated doors.

Contact Around the Town Heating & Cooling Today to schedule a Seasonal Heating System Maintenance Check.

Call 312-243-9896 if you are in Chicago.
Call 708-388-2247 for the Suburbs.

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Chicago October Furnace Blowout Sale


Amana Modulating Gas Furnaces feature self-calibrating gas valves that allow modulating performance of 95% and offer outstanding levels of comfort, efficiency, and quiet performance.

Call Today:

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October Furnace SAVINGS in Chicago


We Offer the Best Value in Town!

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Your Furnace May Be Due for the Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance


Pre-Season Furnace Tune-Up & Safety Inspection For: $89.95

Regularly Valued at: $119
Promotional Price Expires Dec 31

Maintenance Benefits:

Maintains Manufacturer’s Warranty, Increase Efficiency, Reduce Chance of Breakdown, Reduce Wear-and-Tear, Increase Comfort and Peace of Mind.

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I Need A New Furnace

Looking to purchase a new furnace? Purchasing a new furnace isn’t a hard task. Call up three new furnace contractors and I’m sure they would be more than happy to give you a quote for a new furnace. I know we would!

A New furnace today varies from manufacture to manufacture, however all furnaces are built to work if;

• The new furnace is sized correctly to your structure, square foot to BTU of furnace ratio or heat loss.

• If the furnace is installed correctly, like plenty of return air to cool plenum properly, plenty of supplies to dissipate the heat produced by the furnace.
• Proper starts up procedures are performed at time of installation.

Now these are the things we do when selling you a new furnace, however once we install your new furnace the rest is up to you. Like what you may ask? I will tell you like what” Check or change your furnace filter on a regular basis. How often is a regular basis you may wonder?  Checking your furnace filter monthly is recommended.  But you as the owner of your home must perform a trail run, what I mean by that is, you have to figure out the schedule of when you need to change your furnace filter.

new furnace

Clogged Furnace Filter, never let your filter look like this. Believe it or not this is common, one out of every three furnace filters look like this. Ug”

Put a new filter in the filter section of your new furnace and check it in a month, if it’s dirty change it, if it’s not dirty check the furnace filter in two more weeks,  if dirty change it. By all means never leave your furnace filter in more than two months.

I spoke a lot about furnace filters. And I should, the majority of furnace and air conditioner failures are caused by dirty furnace filters.
If you plan on replacing your furnace, do yourself a favor and keep your furnace filter clean and have Around the Town Heating and Air Conditioning install your furnace, we will guarantee a proper installation and a fair price.  Now I said fair, not cheap. The old adage is” you get what you pay for..

new furnace

this new furnace has a filter rack for ease of furnace filter changes

Thanks Big Ed

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Buena Park Furnace, Heating & HVAC System Repair or Maintenance

Buena Park Furnace, Heating & HVAC System Repair or Maintenance

At Around the Town Heating & Cooling  we know the importance of doing a quality job and repairing your furnace or heating system correctly. That’s why it is critical to choose the right heater repair contractors for your  needs. Around the Town HVAC has heating repair technicians are experienced and available for service 24/7. We guarantee to give you the best quality HVAC emergency heating repair service available in the Buena Park neighborhood of Chicago IL.


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Ravenswood Furnace, Heating & HVAC System Repair or Maintenance


60625, Ravenswood Furnace, Heating & HVAC System Repair or Maintenance

24 Hour Emergency Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

Need a reliable Chicago Furnace Repair Contractor?

Furnace cleaning & maintenance services

Residential furnace replacement for homes through out the neighborhood of Ravenswood, Chicago, IL.

Give us a call at 312-243-9896 for expert furnace repair service & furnace installations by our factory trained and certified Chicago furnace repair technicians.

Chicago Furnace Repair Service & New HVAC System Installations by Around the Town HVAC are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

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Bucktown Furnace, Heating & HVAC System Repair or Maintenance


60647, 60622, 60614, Bucktown Furnace, Heating & HVAC System Repair or Maintenance

We buy direct and pass the savings on to you.

Around the Town HVAC is Chicago’s #1 heating, furnace &  ac contractor. We provide the best commercial & residential heating & ac repair in Chicago. Call today for 24/7 emergency repair services on all types of central ac, furnace &  boiler systems. At Around the Town, we provide top-notch customer service and respect for your property, professional heating & air conditioning system installations & total satisfaction with the service and equipment through out the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago IL.

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