Chicago Near North Side Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement


Around the Town HVAC: Chicago Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Around the Town HVAC is your #1 company for all your Chicago Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement needs. We have the best team of HVAC professionals in Chicago. Our HVAC technicians and engineers have decades of experience repairing and replacing all kinds of air conditioning systems you can think off. You shouldn’t therefore worry when you choose us. We can handle everything!

Why choose us?

Our services offer you plenty of benefits the most notable being;

1. Improved air quality: Our homes and surroundings are usually packed with dust, pet fur, pollen, house mites, bacteria among other harmful impurities and microorganisms which are known to cause respiratory problems and allergies.

When you choose us to repair or replace your air conditioner, you can forget about poor air quality.

2. Reduced energy bills: We utilise high energy efficient heat-pump technology when offering our HVAC services which guarantees you 80% energy savings.

3. Controllable comfort: When you have a new air conditioner or an air conditioning system that works optimally, you can be able to alter your internal environment to suit your comfort preferences perfectly.

Our Chicago near North Side Central air conditioning system repair & replacement services offer more benefits like; Quiet operation, reduction in humidity, insect reduction and many more benefits.

What are you waiting for? CONTACT US TODAY!

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Chicago Loop Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement

60611, 60642, 60601, 60603, 60606

Consult the Best Chicago Loop Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement

During the warm months, having an AC system that works properly can take away so much of your stress level. This is why it is very important to have your central air conditioning system checked by a specialist, since this can spare you from any hassles of getting serious problems with the unit in case there are issues left unresolved promptly. Waiting until the last minute or when something is terribly wrong with the system can be an extremely costly mistake. With regular maintenance by the right specialist, you can maximize the benefits of using your AC system.

Chicago Loop Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement

Around the Town HVAC offers repair and replacement of AC system in Chicago. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can do the intricate task of checking the overall quality and condition of your air conditioning system before the problem goes out of hand. You can count on us to improve system performance while preventing expensive breakdowns, damages and energy costs. So, give us a call and set an appointment with our AC system specialist today.

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Chicago Near South Side Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement

Chicago ac repair south

How Can A Fully-Functional AC System Improve The Quality Of Your Life?

A high-quality air conditioning system can truly benefit you on many different levels: not only will it keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the hot, summer months, but it will also filter the air inside your home, thus eliminating all the impurities and particulates that can be very detrimental to your health. This aspect is particularly important for those who suffer from respiratory conditions, such as asthma or bronchitis, as dust and other airborne particles can worsen your condition.

Nonetheless, having an AC system installed is not enough for improving the quality of your life: in order to benefit from your air conditioning to the fullest, you need to make sure that the HEPA filters are constantly cleaned or replaced, otherwise the system will fail to function optimally. If you are looking for professional and trustworthy Chicago Near South Side Central air conditioning system repair & replacement services, then Around The Town HVAC is undoubtedly your best option. Committed to providing high-quality, time-effective and affordable HVAC repair, installation and repair services, the specialists at Around The Town HVAC always have the utmost respect for your home, your time and your AC system!

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Bridgeport, Chicago Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement


How Can A Well-Maintained AC System Truly Make A Difference In Your Life?

The benefits of having an air conditioning system certainly extend beyond comfort, and a durable AC can be a very good long-term investment. Perhaps the most notable benefit of having such a system installed in your office or living room is that it increases your productivity, as numerous studies have revealed that people are highly productive when the temperature in their working/living environment is optimal and, most importantly – constant. If the temperature is too high, this can lead to the lack of focus and even irritability, while a pleasant and comfortable temperature can elevate your mood and help you concentrate on your daily tasks. At the same time, an efficient AC system will also filter the air in the room, thus removing all the dirt and dust particles, the microorganisms, bacteria, smoke, pet dander and all the adjacent allergens.

AC systems are no longer regarded as luxury items, as they come with rather affordable price tags nowadays. No matter if you have decided to upgrade the comfort of your home by installing a new air conditioning system or to repair/replace the existing one, the professionals at Around The Town HVAC are always at your disposal, offering high-quality air conditioning system repair & replacement services in Bridgeport, (60608, 60616, 60609) Chicago IL.

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Orland Park Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement


Discover Orland Park 60462 Central Air Conditioning System Repair & Replacement

The best Orland Park central air conditioning system repair & replacement is always just a call or click away when choosing to work with a trusted and respected name in the industry – Around The Town HVAC. Homeowners wishing to maintain a comfortable and inviting indoor environment should contact us today. From new installations to repairs and routine maintenance, an experienced and dedicated team of professionals can make a big difference for consumers who depend upon an AC system to work season after season without fail. When an AC system is working properly, the temperature within a home can be expected to be maintained at a constant value regardless of the temperature outdoors. This improves the quality of life for homeowners and those who occupy a home. Around The Town HVAC is a company with a proven track record when it comes to affordable and friendly Orland Park central air conditioning system repair & replacement. Call today to learn more!

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Chicago High-Rise and Condo Building Air Conditioning Repair


Chicago High-Rise and Condo Building Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

AROUND THE TOWN HVAC is an established, dedicated company with an enviable reputation in providing the best air condition system repair for in home, office as well as multi-unit condo buildings. We pride ourselves as Chicago’s most trusted and foremost specialist in delivering inspirational and cost-effective air conditioning services.

Our staff, comprising of licensed and individually screened experts, has a wealth of experience in all types of AC repairs for all brands of air conditioners. Besides our expertise, we provide value for money on every project on a timely basis. At AROUND THE TOWN HVAC, our primary focus is to keep your home’s AC working at peak performance levels.

As part of our vision to provide fully integrated AC repairs, our industry-leading yet affordable services ensures that clients’ AC facilities represent the best with respect to working environments. Our quality repairs and replacements are geared towards bringing back comfort to your home or office. We understand how important your air conditioner is in providing relief from heat, and maintaining indoor air quality. This is why, when it suddenly stops, you need to utilize professionals at AROUND THE TOWN HVAC to solve the problem in no time.

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HVAC Contractor choosing the right company

hvac projects Chicago

HVAC Contractors?

What criteria do you look for in an HVAC contractor?  An HVAC system is not something that most people can install themselves.  Most of the time this is a job that should be left to a trained professional. These systems can be dangerous if they are not put in correctly. Here are a few questions you should ask your HVAC Contractor: Read more ›

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Chicago Air Conditioning Repair

Chicago air conditioning repair

Finding a Chicago air conditioning repair specialist in Chicago is a daunting task with all the HVAC contractors available. Around the Town Heating & Cooling will meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to heating or air conditioning repair. Summer is coming so maintenance is key insuring your  air conditioning system is up to speed and working properly.

We are now offering a central air conditioning special with an A/C 19 point inspection for $89.95. The 19 point inspection will include: Clean outdoor coil, tighten all wire connections for safety, clean blower housing and remove all debris, check wet and dry bulb temperatures in the home, check subcooling, check suction pressure, check temperature drop across coil, lubricate all moving parts, perform operating cost analysis, check relays and or contactors for pitted contact points, check amp draw on motors, clean or replace furnace filter, check refrigerant charge, adjust fan belt (if needed), check superheat, check head pressure, check for airflow restrictions and inspect duct work for proper CFM.  The importance of the 19 point inspection after completed properly ensures that your air conditioning system is functioning properly at the time of service and you should get the most energy efficiency from your unit. Cleaning of Chicago air conditioning systems are very imperative due to the amount of construction debris that is floating around and the amount of jet fuel that is being dumped into atmosphere not to mention other Chicago pollution causing a negative effect on Go Green. Read more ›

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Is you A.C. working?

Unexpected heatwave hitting Chicago Today!

Call or Contact us today to Schedule and Appointment to have your Air Conditioning System Cleaned and Inspected.

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Air Conditioning HVAC System Repair & Replacement in Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Chicago 60622

air conditioning maintenance

Chris is performing a deep cleaning on this Trane unit, which had a few leaks internal. but we cleaned and repaired the a/c, all is good.

Around the Town HVAC Air Conditioning & HVAC System Repair & Replacement Services in Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Chicago

If you need your air conditioning system or HVAC system repaired or replaced, you should choose experienced professionals who will do the job right the first time. Air conditioning and HVAC system problems are among the biggest frustrations for home or condo owners, but thanks to our high-quality air conditioning & HVAC system repair & replacement services, you will not need to worry about spending another summer in the humid Chicago weather.

If you live in the Ukrainian Village or Wicker Park (60622) areas of Chicago and need servicing for your air conditioning or HVAC system, Around the Town HVAC is the only company you need to call. We will repair or replace your air conditioning or HVAC system, quickly, professionally, and we will leave your home clean and undisturbed.

We also have installation services for new central heating and furnace systems.

We at Around the Town HVAC will be happy to speak to you about your air conditioning needs and explain everything you want to know about our services, just call us or contact us online. We offer a free estimate for new installations. We service the Ukrainian Village and Wicker Park areas of Chicago and can be at your home or condo when most convenient for you.

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